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RIPEstat Live Demo #7

Robert Kisteleki
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This article summarises today's RIPEstat demo session, including new features, changes and improvements. At the end of the article you can find the date of the next demo, and options for providing feedback.

For reference, please see summaries of the previous demo sessions:

During this seventh interactive live demo, the development team explained and demonstrated the tool's new features and functionality.

General improvements

  • Performance improvements
    • We developed performance monitoring tools (currently only used internally) that shows where the most time is spent
    • It will help us to find bottlenecks and address them
    • We can zoom in to get more detailed information for one particular plug-in
    • Each query has an ID that can be used to investigate performance issues more
    • Send us the query ID if you experience performance issues of a particular query
  • Geolocation user interface improvements
    • Information is clustered or aggregated when there is too much data available
    • You can zoom into the aggregated points to see more fine grained data
    • Pie graph showing the distribution of addresses for any AS


Geolocation Cluster View Figure 1: Geolocation cluster view


New plugin features

  • Allocation history based on RIR statistics
    • Shows what the RIRs consider the status of the resources on a very high level
    • Based on reliable set of data (administered by IANA and the RIRs)
  • Origin and transit history
    • This new feature allows you to get more details about the allocation history of a resource including transit information
  • Mobile application for RIPEstat (note that this is a prototype at the moment)
    • This new application allows you to access RIPEstat on our mobile device
    • On the left you there is control panel, on the right hand the main window showing results
    • The following features are currently available:
      • Whois matches
      • Gelocation
      • Geo-distribution
      • Global visibility
      • Originated prefixes
      • Number of originated prefixes
      • Prefix size distribution
      • AS path length


Mobile Application for RIPEstat

 Figure 2: Interface of the mobile application


As always, we invite your comments, questions and feedback on our demo session and RIPEstat itself. The main place for questions and discussions is the Measurement, Analysis and Tools Working Group: 

You can also use one of the following channels:


The video archive of the demo will be available shortly from the RIPEstat website at .

Future Demo

Our next demo is scheduled for 13 September 2011 at 9:30 - 10:00 UTC. The link will be announced on RIPE Labs closer to the date. Please note that there will be no public demo session in August.

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