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Matt Parker is a Business Analyst and Trainer at the RIPE NCC, where he specialises in data analysis and product development activities. He has been active in the telecommunications industry since the late 1990s with international experience working at organisations such as Cisco Systems and British Telecom Global Services. He enjoys providing training courses for members of the RIPE NCC and working closely with other organisations and institutions in order to build a strong community within the RIPE service region.

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• Reply to Aleksey Bulgakov on Ticketing and Document Management at the RIPE NCC by Alex Band

“Hello. What if I make the request via my email, registered in the LIR contacts like I did it earlier? Will the NCC receive this request? I did it on Tuesday. but haven't got reply and cannot find this request in the ticket list in my account, but got the message from the NCC bot.”

I'm pleased to report that all of our email support channels remain valid and continue to generate tickets with our support teams! The email confirmation that you received includes the ticket number (with the format #12345). You can reply directly to the email if you have further questions or comments to add to the request.

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