Mirjam Kühne

The RIPE Chair Team Reports - September 2022

Mirjam Kühne
Contributors: Niall O'Reilly

In this edition of the RIPE Chair Team Reports, with summer coming to an end and the community gearing up for a busy autumn period, here's a quick update on what we're focusing on this month and a reminder to send in your content proposals for RIPE 85.


The summer has gone by quickly and the next RIPE Meeting is less than seven weeks away! The meeting plan for RIPE 85 has been published and the Programme Committee has reviewed the first round of submissions for the plenary agenda. If you have something you would like to present on at this meeting, you still have some time left to submit a content proposal, so don't delay. The deadline for submissions is 11 September.

The Working Groups are also busy preparing their agendas, so again, if you're interested in presenting or have a topic you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant WG chairs or myself.

RIPE Meeting venue

I understand that there are some concerns about the fact that a meeting has been organised in Serbia after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Also, news that the Serbian president announced that the EuroPride event in Belgrade will not go ahead this month is very disappointing. We do not take such local issues lightly, and as always we will be making every effort to ensure that the RIPE Meeting itself provides a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees. In preparation for RIPE 85, please also see the article by Vesna Manojlovic on Building Bridges between Diverse Communities at RIPE 85 for more information.

We will issue a new call for hosts for future RIPE Meetings later this week. If you are interested to host a RIPE Meeting, please look out for the announcement on the RIPE List. This is your chance to influence where the RIPE Meetings will take place in the future.

RIPE Mailing List moderation

If you are subscribed to the RIPE List, you will have seen the conversation about moderation of the list. In my mail from 2 September, I presented my thoughts on moderation and proposed a way forward. This is based on many discussions with the RIPE Vice-Chair and other community members. Thanks for all the constructive feedback and support!

I propose to leave these measures in place at least until RIPE 85. We can then discuss how to further proceed. In the meantime, I published a RIPE Discussion List transparency report to keep the community informed of activities and decisions ‘behind the scenes’ (i.e. whether mails have been held/rejected and how many).

I also reached out to other communities to learn how they are dealing with list behaviour and moderation.

RIPE NomCom recommendations

After the last RIPE Chair Team selection round, the RIPE Nominating Committee made a number of recommendations in their final report. With support from the former chair of the NomCom and the RIPE NCC, we are working on a proposal for how to address these recommendations. We will send an update to the community before RIPE 85.

RIPE DB Task Force - impact analysis

I asked the RIPE NCC to look at the recommendations of the RIPE DB Requirements TF and to prepare a preliminary impact analysis. This information can be useful when you are reviewing the TF recommendations in your WGs and can be found on the same page that lists the recommendations.

RIPE Code of Conduct Task Force

The Code of Conduct Task Force continued their work during the summer period and has published the RIPE Code of Conduct Reporting Procedure and an updated version of the RIPE Code of Conduct Recruitment Process. Please review the two documents and provide feedback on the list or directly to the Task Force. We will be actively looking for candidates for the first RIPE Code of Conduct Team during RIPE 85.

Industry events

You can see the summer is over when you look at the events calendar. There are four network operator group meetings coming up in September:

  • ITNOG (Bologna, Italy)
  • UKNOF 50 (London, UK)
  • RONOG (Bucharest, Romania)
  • NLNOG Day (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The NLNOG community will celebrate their 20th anniversary and I am really looking forward to catch up with my local community here in Amsterdam. You can find out more about your local NOG communities on RIPE Labs.

The RIPE NCC Executive Board will also meet in September to prepare for the next General Meeting that will take place in conjunction with RIPE 85.


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