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I'm the Routing Security Programme Manager at RIPE NCC. In my spare time I am the chair of NLNOG.

10,000 LIRs with IPv6 Resources

This week, the RIPE NCC saw a milestone as the 10,000th Local Internet Registry (LIR) received IPv6 addresses. The first block of IPv6 addresses was allocated from IANA to the RIPE NCC in 1999, so we have been distributing IPv6 addresses for 17 years. In those years we have seen interesting poli…

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Lost Stars - Why Operators Switch off IPv6

One of the measurements that we have been running for a long time is IPv6 RIPEness, where we measure the IPv6 activity of our members. We award our members with stars if they (for example) announce their IPv6 allocation in the global routing table.

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