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I am senior researcher at IIJ Research Lab. The focus of my work is on Internet measurements, traffic analysis and network security.

The Internet Health Report

The Internet Health Report (IHR) is an open source project, partly funded by RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund, that monitors AS connectivity. This article is a quick introduction to IHR and shares some good examples of IHR monitoring capabilities. Interested? Take a look at our website (https://ihr…

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BGP Zombies

When withdrawing an IP prefix from the Internet, an origin network sends BGP withdraw messages, which are expected to propagate to all BGP routers that hold an entry for that IP prefix in their routing table. Yet network operators occasionally report issues where routers maintain routes to IP prefi…

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Pinpointing Delay and Forwarding Anomalies Using RIPE Atlas Built-in Measurements - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Built-Ins

Detecting network disruptions is a recurring problem. Clearly locating performance degradation is an important step in debugging and subsequently fixing connectivity issues.

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