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Romeo works for the RIPE NCC. He is manager of the Global Information Infrastructure team responsible for RIPE NCC DNS Services (e.g. K-root), Routing Information Services (RIS) and RIPE NCC's Hadoop storage platform, powering RIPEstat and RIPE Atlas.

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• On New Architecture Model for K-root Local Instances by Romeo Zwart

Hi Adrian, Thanks for this feedback. We are following up with you out-of-band to investigate this further. Romeo

• Reply to danilo cicalese on Anycasting AS197000 More Widely by Anand Buddhdev

“Hi Anand, it's really interesting. I am curious how you decided the location. It seems the ~45% of the request are served from the servers in London. Best, Danilo”

Hi Danilo, The location of this new, experimental, node was not chosen for any specific reason. It is an experiment and as such could have been done in other locations as well. The location of the other service clusters is mostly 'historical'. Amsterdam and London where the first two locations where K-root started, so many many years ago it was a relatively simple next step to add a second DNS cluster to those locations. The Stockholm node was added some time later as part of a broader effort to add more resilience to RIPE NCC's services. Romeo

• Reply to Besmir Zanaj on Anycasting AS197000 More Widely by Anand Buddhdev

“Looking forward for the experiment's results. Where do I find that chart in ripestats? Thank you”

Hi Besmir, As mentioned above, we will have more details later. The chart above is currently not publicly available.

• Reply to randy on Anycasting AS197000 More Widely by Anand Buddhdev

“good move! but how about some nodes outside of europe? folk need to resolve reverses all over the internet.”

Hi Randy, If this experiment works out as expected, we will be open to add locations globally, much like we do with K-root. This is in fact one of the reasons why we want to take this approach, because it will allow us to improve our reachability in other regions quite easily.

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