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Sankalp Basavaraj is a Senior Architect who has helped 300+ companies worldwide in efficiently enabling their internet presence. His expertise spans across multiple tech arenas such as web performance, analytics, enterprise/cyber security and network engineering. He is serving member of advisory Panel in INTERNET STANDARDS, SECURITY AND SAFETY COALITION (IS3C). In his earlier part of his career he worked as a network engineer with AT&T and helped in designing & testing of LTE, 5G architectures. When he is not busy solving the problems of Internet, you can find him dabbling with the stock markets.

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Multi-Cloud, Multi-CDN Architecture – A Deceptive Future of the Internet

The last two years stood witness to multiple Internet outages causing massive disruptions across the globe. Among views on how to make the situation better, a prevalent theory is that multi-Cloud, multi-CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are inevitable and are the holy grail of the Internet. This art…

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