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I work at AFNIC (the registry of .fr domain names), in the R&D department, on, among other things, DNS, security, statistics.

• On A Carbon-Aware Internet with the Green Web Foundation by Michelle Thorne

"The IP to CO2 Intensity API allows you to query an IP address" The second link actually goes to a service that takes a host name, not an IP address.

• On Approaching the IETF - A View from Civil Society by Dan Sexton

A good thing about the IETF is that it is open and discussions are public so here is the link to the discussion inside the IETF about this article:

• On Approaching the IETF - A View from Civil Society by Dan Sexton

I was at the same side meeting and had a different impression. My article in French:

• On How to Ensure Robust DNS Services for the Public Sector by Robert Allen

Interesting and timely since, in the last two weeks, at least five domains of important public services in France have been down. At least four of them had poor DNS hosting (only two unicast authoritative name servers, sometimes in the same physical location). My report (in French):

• On SAV: Why Is Source Address Validation Still a Problem? by Qasim Lone

You do not mention the use of RIPE Atlas probes. Is the user tag "iwantbcp38compliancetesting" still useful/used?

• On NOG.HR by Branimir Rajtar

You do not say if all the talks at the meeting were in croatian? (I ask because Vesna's one has a title in english.) I'm wondering if people are used to talk about things like QUIC in croatian.

• On Fragmentation: Still the Internet's Big Bad by Chris Buckridge

"Agreement that organisations such as the RIPE NCC or ICANN have the authority to administer Internet number or name resources" Organisations like the RIPE-NCC are a mean, not a goal in itself. If RIPE-NCC or ICANN were to be replaced by something else, it does not mean that the Internet would become fragmented. This mention of organisations appears a little bit too self-serving. "Agreement that these organisations will be governed according to multistakeholder processes" Again, this has nothing to do with fragmentation. If all the Internet were directed by Elon Musk according to a onestakeholder process, it does not mean it would be fragmented. Not every bad outcome is "fragmentation".

• On Measuring Encrypted-DNS Censorship Using OONI Probe by Simone Basso

"you generally identify DoT service endpoints by their IP name" Did you mean IP address?

• On Bias in Internet Measurement Infrastructure by Pavlos Sermpezis

Unless I'm wrong, the bias for RIPE Atlas probes is measured by the number of probes in the AS. Isn't there also a bias when asking N probes for a measurement, without specifying area/country/AS? Are we guaranteed that the set of probes we obtain respects the general population of probes? Or is there an extra bias here?

• On RIPE NCC Internet Country Report: Cyprus, Israel and Malta by Suzanne Taylor

"highly dependent on submarine cables for their connectivity" For islands, it is expected, no?

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