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RIPE Labs in 2018

Ulka Athale
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As the countdown to the New Year begins, we have a countdown list of our own. Here's a look at the top five most popular RIPE Labs articles of 2018!

2018 was a busy year for RIPE Labs. We published one article every two and a half days.

We worked with our community builders and held two hackathons – the Network Operators Tools Hackathon in Dublin and the Quantum Internet Hackathon in Amsterdam.

We reached the milestone of having published 1,000 Labs articles much sooner than we thought we would. This would not have been possible without all of our amazing contributors! RIPE Labs is a platform for the community to share innovations, reveal what worked (and what didn't!), discuss policies and so much more. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to RIPE Labs in 2018! And if you meant to write something, but never got around to doing it, let 2019 be your year. Send us an email on labs@ripe.net to share your ideas for a Labs article.

All in all, 2018 has been an interesting year.



Five most-read RIPE Labs articles of 2018

Here are the articles that you, our readers, found the most interesting over the past year:

Number 5: OpenBGPD - Adding Diversity to the Route Server Landscape by Claudio Jeker with contributions from Job Snijders

The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund supported the initiative to revive the OpenBGPD daemon to bring more diversity to the Route Server landscape. This article explains the plans to modernise OpenBGPD to make it a viable Route Server alternative.

Number 4: Blockers to IPv6 Adoption by David Holder 

As its title suggests, David Holder lists the three biggest blockers to IPv6 adoption that he has heard over his career as an IPv6 consultant.

Number 3: Build your own Anycast Network in Nine Steps by Samir Jafferali

Although this article was posted as far back as 2016, it continues to interest readers and was the third most-read article on RIPE Labs in 2018. Samir Jafferali from LinkedIn explains how he set up an anycast network: from acquiring address space to setting up routing and announcing the prefix from multiple PoPs.

Number 2: Out-of-Region ROUTE(6) and AUT-NUM Objects in the RIPE Database by Denis Walker and Tim Bruijnzeels

This article explaining the changes to how out-of-region route(6) objects and aut-num objects would be implemented following consensus in the RIPE Database Working Group was the second most highly read article on RIPE Labs in 2018.

And the most popular article on RIPE Labs in 2018 was…

Number 1: So Long Last /8 and Thanks For All the Allocations by Rene Wilhelm

Data scientist Rene Wilhelm’s analysis of how the last /8 of IPv4 addresses received from IANA has been allocated by the RIPE NCC, and how it is used today, was our most read article in 2018. Clearly, how and where the last /8 has been allocated generates a lot of curiosity!

Other Honourable Mentions

Article receiving the most comments in 2018 goes to:

David Holder for his article Blockers to IPv6 Adoption

Everybody seems to have an opinion on why IPv6 is or is not being deployed, whether it should or should not be deployed, and how easy or difficult it is to find a solution for these blockers.

And the most popular tweet from RIPE Labs?

Rather logically – the tweet sharing the most-read article of 2018!

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