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Vahan Hovsepyan is an External Relations Officer (Caucasus and Central Asia) with the RIPE NCC. Based in Yerevan, Vahan is in charge of developing cooperation and engaging stakeholders from the respective regions, including RIPE NCC members, Governmental Agencies, Academic institutions, and industry development organisations. Among his other responsibilities, Razvan also interacts with international and intergovernmental organisations, such as the Eurasian Economic Commission, the European Commission, the OECD, ITU, APEC, the World Bank, and so on. Vahan graduated from the Armenian-Russian (Slavic) State University and completed courses in the Maastricht School of Management and the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Vahan has extensive experience in working in and with industry development organisations, IXPs, and international organisations. He also has around 12 years of Financial Management background, 7 years experience in managing IXPs, over 5 in Association management and more than 10 in event management.

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CAPIF 1 - Peering and Interconnection in Central Asia

CAPIF 1 - Peering and Interconnection in Central Asia

5 min read

Central Asia is a landlocked region that could one day become a centre of interconnection for other regions and countries, including China, Iran, Russia, and the Caucasus. But to get there, networks in the region will need to cross a number of hurdles. CAPIF 1 will bring together local communities …

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