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Rene Wilhelm is a senior research engineer in the R&D department at the RIPE NCC. Coming from a background in particle physics, Rene joined the RIPE NCC in 1996. His interests are in data analysis, routing, Internet measurements and visualisation.

World IPv6 Launch - Results from HTTP Measurements

For World IPv6 Launch the RIPE NCC measured 60 selected participants from over 50 vantage points all over the world. In this article we present the DNS and HTTP measurement results from a 4-day period as a 3 minute movie. We will discuss general observations and look at some specific events.

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Interesting Graph - How Accurate is the RIPE Routing Registry?

Last month we published a graph that shows how complete the RIPE Routing Registry really is. How many of the organisations that receive an Autonomous System Number (ASN) from the RIPE NCC use the RIPE Routing Registry to register their route objects. The results were encouraging. But do these route…

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