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Is It Possible for Encryption to Harm Cybersecurity?

Andrew Campling

This article provides an update on developments in encrypted DNS and related protocols and their potential impact on cybersecurity. In particular, it highlights how applications are making it increasingly difficult for both enterprises and consumers to monitor their in-bound and out-bound communica…

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PeeringDB 2022 User Survey

Leo Vegoda

PeeringDB wants input from everyone who uses our interconnection database. Our anonymous survey is now open until 23:59 UTC on 16 October 2022. We would like your feedback to help us make PeeringDB more useful to everyone involved in connecting networks.

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Push the Button: SIDN Lab's DDoS Testbed in Action at CONCORDIA Open Door 2022

Thijs van den Hout

Over the past months, SIDN Labs have been improving the testbed they developed for the DDoS Clearing House. At the CONCORDIA Open Door event (COD2022) this October, they'll demonstrate how the testbed works as part of the CONCORDIA Threat Intelligence Platform. The team look at the latest changes t…

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The Elephant Effect - Considerations on Live Streaming Italy's Serie A Championship

Flavio Luciani

For the first time in Italy, a major event - the Serie A football championship - is being broadcast exclusively via the Internet. In this article, we share some considerations the phenomenon of streaming football in Italy, looking at things from the operator’s point of view

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Measuring Encrypted-DNS Censorship Using OONI Probe

Simone Basso

In this article we talk through the preliminary results of an encrypted-DNS censorship study currently being conducted by the Open Observatory Network Interference (OONI).

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Where Did My Packet Go? Measuring the Impact of RPKI ROV

Koen van Hove

Merely doing RPKI ROV does not provide any guarantees where your packet ends up. We conducted an experiment where we look into the impact of RPKI ROV on whether the packet ends up in the intended location based on active beaconing with two servers.

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Security by Diversity: Designing Secure, Reliable and Robust Systems

Fredrik Lindeberg

A chain is not as strong as its weakest link, it can be much much stronger. In cybersecurity, the art of building secure systems from insecure but diverse components is an important but often neglected topic. Instead, processes, rigidity and structure are generally seen as the only way to attain se…

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