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RightsCon 2017 Day Three

Vesna Manojlovic — 31 Mar 2017
Friday, 31st March 2017, last day of RightsCon in Brussels.
RightsCon in Brussels has been a great event that "bring(s) together 1,200+ attendees from 80 countries with 500+ organisations, tech companies, universities, startups, and governments represented." In order to keep the RIPE community informed, I have been taking an active part in this event, and I have been reporting back in the series of articles. Friday is the last day. It is as full of content as the usual, so it is very hard to decide which sessions to follow. 

Laptop cover images by Urvi (@theurv) #DevicesOfRightsCon #RightsCon

Sessions I (Plan to) Attend(ed)  

  • 9:00 Data Visualization for Human Rights Advocacy New York University

  • 10:30 Is the Internet Unhealthy? How Do You Measure It? | Mozilla
  • 12:00 Cybersecurity As an Internet Governance Issue | Internet Governance Project
  • 14:30 Better Ways to Document Internet Shutdowns | The #KeepItOn Summit 

  • 16:00 Legal Hackers: Applying the Hacker Ethic to Human Rights | Maastricht University Faculty of Law
  • 17:15 The Laws and Agreements We Want On Internet Shutdowns | The #KeepItOn Summit
  • (instead, I attended session on Feminist Internet) 


Example from


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