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Philip Homburg

Philip Homburg currently works on the measurement code and other firmware that runs on the RIPE Atlas probes and anchors. He received a PhD degree in computer science from the VU University, Amsterdam. During his PhD studies he designed a wide-area distributed system called Globe. He also worked on the security of mobile phones in the EU FP7 project WOMBAT, MINIX3 (device driver crash recovery), and an advanced disk abstraction layer in the Logical Disk project.

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NTP Measurements with RIPE Atlas
NTP Measurements with RIPE Atlas
Philip Homburg — Feb 17, 2015 02:55 PM

This article describes how RIPE Atlas probes and anchors maintain their clocks, and how accurate these clocks are. We also plan to make the NTP measurements we describe here available as an additional measurement type for RIPE Atlas users.

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