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Hey, Parents in Tech! We've Got On-Site Childcare at RIPE 76!

Amanda Gowland
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We are piloting on-site childcare at RIPE 76 as part of an ongoing effort to increase diversity and inclusion at RIPE Meetings.

One of the early action points identified by the RIPE Diversity Task Force was to investigate on-site childcare so that we could make it easier for parents in tech to fully participate in a meeting. We are piloting this initiative in Marseille in partnership with childcare specialist, WorldWide Kids. 

Making it easier for parents to attend

This is part of a wider effort to remove barriers of participation for underrepresented parts of the RIPE community. We understand that attending a five-day meeting when you have kids means there's a choice to be made when both parents are part of the community - one goes, and the other stays home. 

We want parents to be able to freely participate in the meeting knowing their kids are well taken care of while they do so.  We are working with a company that provides mobile/on-site childcare solutions for organisations around the world.

At RIPE 76, we have space for up to 15 children, between the ages of 6 months and 10 years old. The location is within the RIPE 76 venue in a bright, sunny conference room that is separate from the RIPE Meeting venue. There are five highly-qualified childcare specialists that speak several languages. Kids will have toys, activities, arts and crafts, sensory games, singing and dancing to look forward to. 

Reserve your child's place!

Space is limited and we'll be taking requests on a first come, first serve basis. Once you've registered for RIPE 76, you can register for childcare here.

Interested in sponsoring?

We are looking for sponsors to help cover the cost of childcare - if this is something your organisation would like to be a part of, please get in touch with our meeting organisation team! 

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