Alun Davies

Emile Aben: Measuring Damage on the Internet

Alun Davies

In the first episode of the RIPE Labs podcast, Emile Aben shares his views on the importance of efforts to keep the Internet 'lit' by turning data from such sources as RIPE Atlas and RIPE RIS into visualisations that can help network operators understand what's going on when parts of the Internet get damaged.

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Here's a list of resources Emile points to during the discussion. Hope you find them helpful! And you can find out more about many of the tools and prototypes mentioned in our tools section.

1:10 - Emile's profile on RIPE Labs

2:32 - Analysis of Country-wide Internet Outages Caused by Censorship

2:58 - RIPE Atlas, RIS

4:32 - BGPalerter

4:40 - RIS Live

5:25 - RIPEstat

5:47 - Hurricane Electric BGP Toolkit, BGP.Tools

5:53 - IODA

6:25 - Internet Health Report

7:35 - The RIPE Labs Article Competition

8:08 - The Ukrainian Internet, The Resilience of the Internet in Ukraine

10:13 - The Kazakhstan Outage as seen from RIPE Atlas

12:44 - IXP Country Jedi

17:40 - Hosting a RIPE Atlas probe

22:14 - Internet outages as seen from RIPE Atlas in Observable HQ

24:05 - RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund

24:20 - CAIDA's BGP (Hijacking) Observatory

25:00 - RACI Funding in 2021 - Planning and Projects

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