Alun Davies

Robert Kisteleki: RIPE Atlas - A Distributed View of the Internet

Alun Davies
Contributors: Robert Kisteleki

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Twelve years ago the RIPE NCC set out to build the largest Internet measurement network ever made. Today, RIPE Atlas provides users with an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time. In this episode, I catch up with Robert Kisteleki to talk about how RIPE Atlas developed thanks to the efforts of the community.

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You can dive into RIPE Atlas right now by visiting the RIPE Atlas website or read more about RIPE Atlas related developments and research on RIPE Labs.

02:53 - Map of RIPE Atlas probes

03:10 - More on HTTP, DNS, NTP measurements

03:57 - RIPE Atlas architecture on RIPE Labs

05:23 - User defined measurements

06:54 - RIPE Atlas data via the RIPE Atlas API, Google BigQuery, RIPE Atlas daily archives

08:48 - RIPE Atlas software probes

10:18 - RIPE Atlas coverage

14:50 - APNIC dataset for size of network providers

15:20 - Pavlos Sermpezis on Bias in Internet Measurement Infrastructure

19:05 - RIPE Atlas community

21:36 - RIPE Atlas sponsorship

23:09 - RIPE Atlas Anchors

25:20 - Data disconnects as seen in RIPE Atlas

26:20 - Outage reporting

26:40 - Looking inside outages with RIPE Atlas

28:34 - RIPE NCC Country Reports

28:55 - RIPE IPmap

30:19 - Dataplane article

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