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Milad Afshari is from Iran and has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Networking. He has over 8 years’ experience in the network engineering field and has been working for ISPs in Iran. Currently, he works for one of the mobile network operators MTN-Irancell as an Enterprise Network Planning Manager. Furthermore, he has also worked as a network/technical consultant for ISPs and LIRs. Milad is also a member of PC teams in different communities, for instance, he is the co-founder and PC chair of IRNOG for 5 years and has been a member of the MENOG and RIPE PC team as well.

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• Reply to Hassan Jabbari on The IRNOG4 Meeting by Milad Afshari

“As an attendee, it was one of the most useful irnog conferences, congratulations...”

Thanks for your participation dear Hassan!

• Reply to Akbar Kosari on The IRNOG4 Meeting by Milad Afshari

“Unfortunately, I was absent. I wish you success from a long distance ;-)”

Thanks dear Omid!

• On RIPE Atlas Architecture - How We Manage Our Probes by Robert Kisteleki

Good job! and thanks for useful information.

• On Report from First RIPE NCC::Educa Event by Sandra Brás

Good job! It was a great course.

• Reply to Jan Zorz on The First Iranian NOG - IRNOG1 by Milad Afshari

“Excellent, well done, congratulations! I hope we'll sone receive the notification about next IRNOG meeting ;)”

Thanks dear Jan,hope to see you in the next IRNOG meeting ;)

• Reply to Akbar Kosari on The First Iranian NOG - IRNOG1 by Milad Afshari

“Congratulations friends . I hope success for IRNOG”

Thanks Dear Omid,Of Course we couldn't have done it without you.

• On Announcing Daily RIPE Atlas Data Archives by Petros Gigis

Wow, very useful.Thanks

• On External Relations at the RIPE NCC: Outreach, Hot Topics and Staying Ahead of the Curve in 76 Countries by Paul Rendek

Hello and thanks for your great article and very useful information about External Relations department in RipeNCC,good job!

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