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DNS researcher at BII | 天地互连 (the Beijing Internet Institute)

DNS is Virtually Awesome

The RIPE DNS working group will be holding online sessions every few weeks. We have already had the first session, a talk from Kim Davies at PTI/ICANN about some of the challenges of DNSSEC KSK management for the root zone. This session went very well, and we are looking forward to many more in the…

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Scaling the Internet of Things? Not a Problem!

What makes the Internet of Things (IoT) different from the Internet as we know it? Today's Internet connects people, while the Internet of Things connects... things. What are these things? In the case of IoT, it means embedded computer chips that are attached to some physical device with networking…

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Lameness: Analysis, Measurement, and Estimation

After the RIPE NCC implemented a system that checks for lame DNS servers in the part of the DNS tree the RIPE NCC maintains I was curious to find out how big a problem DNS lameness really is. I wrote a tool and presented it at the DNS WG during RIPE 59 in Lisbon.

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