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• On Our Approach to the Cloud by Kaveh Ranjbar

One issue with cloud services is that they are mostly proprietary offerings. I suggest that the cost of moving off of a particular cloud provider (whether back to self-hosted or to another cloud vendor) be counted as a cost of that solution. For example, if a cloud service offers a particular service that no other company offers, the cost of doing without or building a replacement should be factored in as an additional cost of using that service. Often companies end up locked in because it costs too much to move off of a particular solution, but this is less likely to happen if the cost of "unlocking" a given service is accounted for the entire time.

• On Spam Over IPv6 - Eight Years Later by Ivo Dijkhuis

I love this kind of follow-up study, thanks!

• On Transit and Peering: How Your Requests Reach GitHub by Ross McFarland

It's a pity that after all of this network engineering work there's still no IPv6 for GitHub. 😢

• Reply to Tony Finch on The Future of DNSSEC at the RIPE NCC by Anand Buddhdev

“Yes, I would really like CDS/CDNSKEY support :-) I wrote dnssec-cds so that I could support it for our delegated zones, and it would be really handy for them if they could also use CDS/CDNSKEY for their PI address space. (dnssec-cds is mentioned in the BIND 9.12 release notes and the man page is at”

Note that Jaromír Talíř will be giving a presentation about CDNSKEY in Knot DNS and the FRED registry tomorrow at the DNS working group at RIPE 75.

• On Build your own Anycast Network in Nine Steps by Samir Jafferali

Thanks for this comprehensive overview! I especially like the specific recommendations for VPS vendors.

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