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Matthias is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Freie Universität Berlin, heading the Internet technologies research group. His research and teaching focus on efficient, reliable, and secure Internet communication. This includes the design and evaluation of networking protocols and architectures, as well as Internet measurements and analysis. His efforts are driven by trying to improve Internet communication based on sound research. He is actively involved in the IETF since 2005 and co--founded some successful open source projects such as RIOT ( and RTRlib (

Call for Input: RPKI Browser

The RPKI Browser is a graphical user interface to the objects of the distributed RPKI repository. The development is at very early stage. In this article, we ask for external input in terms of use cases, features etc.

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One Day in the Life of RPKI

In this article, we report about a one-day measurement of the RPKI and BGP infrastructure.

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Beta Version of the RPKI RTR Client C Library Released

The beta version of the first public, open-source reference C implementation of the RPKI/RTR router end is available.

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