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Rene Wilhelm is a senior research engineer in the R&D department at the RIPE NCC. Coming from a background in particle physics, Rene joined the RIPE NCC in 1996. His interests are in data analysis, routing, Internet measurements and visualisation.

Fulfilling Our Mandate in Wartime

As part of the RIPE NCC’s commitment to supporting the Ukrainian technical community, we actively research and facilitate discussions about the country's Internet landscape and its resilience in wartime. Recently, we have seen inferences being drawn from changes to country codes in the RIPE Databas…

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How Is Russia Connected To The Wider Internet?

Speculation about Russia disconnecting or being disconnected from the wider Internet abounds. In this article, we look at the connectivity of the Russian Internet to the wider Internet and how this evolved around the Russian invasion into Ukraine and sanctions related around that.

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We’re Running out of IPv6 (And That’s a Good Thing!)

You read that right. The RIPE NCC is running out of IPv6... Luckily, we've also received our second /12 IPv6 allocation – becoming the first Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to do so! Let’s take a look back at how we’ve distributed our first /12 allocation.

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RIPE NCC Members and Multiple LIR Accounts

The RIPE NCC membership has raised concerns regarding members setting up additional Local Internet Registry (LIR) accounts. The RIPE NCC Executive Board is now asking the RIPE NCC membership to discuss this. The article below provides some background information, data and statistics for the discuss…

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