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Caught in the Middle: Regulatory Impact and our Mission as the RIPE NCC

Athina Fragkouli

The increasing rate of conflicting regulatory developments across our service region has become a very real subject of concern for the RIPE NCC. In this article, Athina Fragkouli talks about the impact such developments have on our operations and the principles guiding the work being done to prepar…

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RPKI Repositories and the RIPE Database in the Cloud

Felipe Victolla Silveira

The RIPE NCC provides mission critical services to the Internet community which require a solid technical foundation. This article explains how we plan to use cloud infrastructure as a means to that end. We outline some of the risks that must be accounted for, and describe the target architectures …

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New Look for the RIPE Database and LIR Portal

Theodoros Polychniatis

Following RIPE Atlas, RIPE NCC Access and RIPE Labs, the RIPE Database and LIR Portal have been redesigned to match our new UI template for RIPE NCC services.

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Artificial Intelligence and Policy-Making Developments – Council of Europe’s CAHAI

Athina Fragkouli

As the first in a series of articles aimed at exploring how policy-making institutions are reacting to challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), we look at how the Council of Europe seeks to examine the feasibility of a legal framework for the development, design and application of AI.

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RPKI and AS3333 or “How We Eat Our Own Dog Food”

Nathalie Trenaman

Route Origin Validation (ROV) is a mechanism by which route advertisements can be authenticated as originating from an expected autonomous system (AS). With the RIPE NCC all set to perform ROV on AS3333, Nathalie Trenaman talks about why we've held back so far, and why we're now ready to get on wit…

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General Meeting Changes in 2021

Fergal Cunningham

The May General Meeting (GM) is fast approaching, and with it an Executive Board election among other important topics for members. We’re implementing a few changes to our GM governance and processes this year. While we believe these changes will be integrated seamlessly, we’d like to highlight thr…

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HR from Home: Adapting in a Year of COVID

Carolien Vos

In March 2020, the RIPE NCC moved from a vibrant office in the centre of Amsterdam to fully remote work in almost a split second. One year on, HR Director Carolien Vos talks about how we as an organisation have adapted in order to keep functioning during a global pandemic.

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Address Assignment Practices in IPv4 and IPv6

Stephen Strowes

In prior work, we've studied IPv4 allocation patterns in domestic ISPs. Time has passed, and IPv6 adoption has continued, so in this article we review our current observations on IPv4 and IPv6 assignment practices.

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Your EU Regulation Update: October 2020 Edition

Suzanne Taylor

This is the fifth in an ongoing series in which we give a brief overview of the most pertinent digital policies currently being proposed, debated and implemented in the European Union.

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Our Plan to Fix Country Codes

Stefania Fokaeos

At the RIPE NCC we’re busy working out the implementation of Numbered Working Item (NWI) 10, which deals with clarifying the meaning of the country code attribute in the RIPE Database and the Extended Delegated Statistics.

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