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Fulfilling Our Mandate in Wartime

Hisham Ibrahim

As part of the RIPE NCC’s commitment to supporting the Ukrainian technical community, we actively research and facilitate discussions about the country's Internet landscape and its resilience in wartime. Recently, we have seen inferences being drawn from changes to country codes in the RIPE Databas…

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Get Certified 2.0: Introducing the New RIPE NCC Certified Professionals Exam Platform

William Johnson

The RIPE NCC Certified Professionals program has recently undergone a significant overhaul, moving to a new exam platform. This change was driven by the desire to improve accessibility, enhance the user experience, and address feedback received from the community.

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Country Codes in the RIPE Database

Kjerstin Burdiek

Country codes in the RIPE Database serve a purely operational purpose. Nevertheless, questions can arise when defining which country code to use or what the code means. Let’s look into how country codes are maintained in the Database.

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RIPE NCC Cloud Strategy Framework (v2)

Felipe Victolla Silveira

Our cloud strategy framework provides the principles and requirements for the cloud architecture of the RIPE NCC services. To determine these requirements, it uses the service criticality framework, more specifically its availability component rating.

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The Global Digital Compact: Unpacking the RIPE NCC’s Contribution

Claudia Leopardi

The Global Digital Compact: What is it? Why are we concerned? As part of her internship with the RIPE NCC's Public Policy and Internet governance team, Claudia Leopardi discusses the RIPE NCC’s contribution to this important UN process.

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Pushing the Needle Forward - A Community Engagement Quarterly Report

Hisham Ibrahim

At the RIPE NCC, we tailor our engagement to the needs and abilities of each part of the community - all with the aim of making a meaningful impact on the Internet ecosystem. In this first in a series of quarterly reports, I look at the work we do in community engagement and how we measure outcomes…

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More Next Steps in IPv6 Policy Work

Leo Vegoda

The RIPE Address Policy Working Group is organising interim sessions to plan IPv6 policy discussions at RIPE 86 in Rotterdam. The purpose of these sessions is not to develop policy proposals. It is to define desired policy outcomes and set priorities.

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Cyber Resilience, "Fair Share", and Sanctions - Our Regulation Update April 2023

Suzanne Taylor

This is the latest in an ongoing series in which we give a brief overview of the most pertinent digital policies for the RIPE community currently being proposed, debated and implemented in the European Union.

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SAV: Why Is Source Address Validation Still a Problem?

Qasim Lone

Despite being a known vulnerability for at least 25 years, source IP address spoofing remains a popular attack method for redirection, amplification and anonymity. Preventing these attacks requires that operators implement Source Address Validation (SAV) to ensure their networks filter packets with…

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Community Development Plans for 2023

Gergana Petrova

The RIPE community and other regional and national communities within our service region face unique circumstances and different challenges. The Community Development department at RIPE NCC is there to serve and help these communities. In this article, we share what we did in 2022 and our plans for…

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