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Jelena is a long time member of the Internet governance community in the SEE region. As part of her work with ISOC and PCH, she supported local initiatives like: hackerspaces, IXPs, NOGs, local and regional IG meetings. She is currently working as a Community Builder for RIPE NCC focusing on the SEE region.

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A SEE 11 Story - The Evolution of the Balkan Telecommunications Market

SEE 11 - our next regional meeting for South East Europe - takes place in Split, Croatia from 4-5 April. Following the fascinating discussion that took place at the last SEE meeting, we'll be picking up the story of the development of the region's Internet right where we left off. Here's a quick lo…

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Yugoslavia and the Internet That Never Was

At the SEE 10 meeting, a panel of Internet pioneers came together to share their experiences as some of the people responsible for the development of the Internet in Yugoslavia. In order to properly record this event, we bring you the full video of that session.

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SEE Community Resilience in the COVID Crisis – Were We Ready?

As the first SEE meeting took place back in 2011, this year marks the 10th anniversary of these events that bring the Internet community across the region closer together. Although the meeting was originally scheduled to take place in April 2020, COVID restrictions meant a long wait for SEE 9. So, …

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