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Gergana Petrova

Gergana Petrova is Junior External Relations Officer at the RIPE NCC. As part of the External Relations team, she helps lead the RIPE NCC's engagement with a broad range of stakeholders, including the RIPE NCC membership, the RIPE community, government, law enforcement and other Internet stakeholders. Gergana also coordinates the RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) – an initiative that connects researchers and academics with the RIPE community. Previously, Gergana worked as Conference Coordinator at the RIPE NCC, organising the biannual RIPE Meeting. The RIPE Meeting is the main event during which members of the RIPE community meet to discuss current technical and policy issues, share experiences and best practices and develop a network of peers. Gergana also organised the regional ENOG and SEE meetings and helped build the local communities there. Originally from Bulgaria, Gergana studied in Germany before relocating to the Netherlands. Gergana has a Masters in Business Research.

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EuroSSIG: A Deep Dive into the World of Internet Governance
EuroSSIG: A Deep Dive into the World of Internet Governance
Gergana Petrova — 29 Jul 2016

EuroSSIG 2016, held in Meissen, Germany from 16-23 July, gathered 30 fellows and 30 faculty members together for an intensive week-long introduction to the topic of Internet governance. This was also the year it celebrated its 10th anniversary. The RIPE NCC, which is one of many sponsors, sent two staff as fellows and one faculty member. Below are some impressions.… Read more

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