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Stephen is a senior researcher at the RIPE NCC. Previously, he led IPv6 deployment across Yahoo's global network, led agent engineering for a network measurement platform of 20,000 agents at Boundary, and measured NAT traversal technology at Nokia. He obtained his PhD in Internet routing scalability from the University of Glasgow in 2012.

Address Assignment Practices in IPv4 and IPv6

In prior work, we've studied IPv4 allocation patterns in domestic ISPs. Time has passed, and IPv6 adoption has continued, so in this article we review our current observations on IPv4 and IPv6 assignment practices.

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Reviewing RIPE Atlas Software Probes

In February this year, we opened up applications to host RIPE Atlas software probes. After spending a few months diligently measuring the Internet, how are they doing?

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Announcing RIPE Atlas Data on Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a data warehousing platform with an SQL query interface on top. This is a powerful tool that allows us to rapidly filter, query, and process RIPE Atlas measurement results, improving our ability to explore this dataset. We are now making RIPE Atlas measurement results publicly av…

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Visibility of IPv4 and IPv6 Prefix Lengths in 2019

In August 2011, we wrote about IPv4 and IPv6 prefix lengths visible in BGP. It's time for an update!

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Comparing Virtual and Metal RIPE Atlas Anchors

Our VM pilot allows us an opportunity to run a like-for-like comparison between two RIPE Atlas anchors. We're grateful for the support from DigitalOcean, who are running two machines (one metal, one virtual) from the same geographical location.

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IPv6 Launchiversary: the View from RIPE Atlas and K-root

IPv6 growth continues apace; content networks regularly measure more than 20% of their requests as taking place over IPv6 today. However, deployment has not been uniform. In this article, we review growth from the perspective of RIPE Atlas data since the launch event.

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Here to Stay: RIPE Atlas Daily Archives

A few months ago we started offering daily archives of public RIPE Atlas measurements. We're happy to announce that this service is here to stay!

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Current Network Connectivity from Puerto Rico

Hurricanes Irma and Maria struck massive damage across the Caribbean this year. In disaster recovery situations, the Internet is critical communications infrastructure. In this article, we look at the observable network effects on Puerto Rico in the aftermath of hurricane Maria.

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Recently, we spotted a network bug that had precisely the opposite of the intended effect.

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BGP Even-More Specifics in 2017

Since October 2014, we have been advertising two IPv4 /25s and two IPv4 /28s, to better understand how far they propagate across the network. In this article, we review how things have (or have not) changed over the years.

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