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As Chief Information Officer at the RIPE NCC, I am mainly involved with the planning, operation and development of the RIPE NCC's global information services as well as research and development. This includes the RIPE NCC's authoritative DNS services as well as K-root infrastructure, data collection and measurement networks such as RIPE Atlas and RIS, data provisioning systems such as RIPEstat, and the RIPE NCC's data analysis efforts. I have been with the RIPE NCC since 2008 working in different capacities. Before the RIPE NCC, I worked for more than 12 years in the Internet services and ISP sectors, mostly in senior technical management positions. I was the engineering founder of one of the largest Iranian ISPs and helped several IT startups with their software and business process implementations. I have a M.Sc. in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford, UK and Lean Engineering/Agile Management training at MIT.

Defining the Criticality of RIPE NCC Services

We’ve been brainstorming on a process to determine the criticality level of our services, and we’d now like to ask the community for input on how we should approach this effort moving forward.

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RIPE NCC Cloud Strategy Framework

Our cloud strategy framework provides a starting point that we will use when developing cloud implementations in the future. It also forms a solid basis for discussions with the community on specific proposals relating to our services.

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RIPE NCC and the Cloud: Draft Principles, Requirements and Strategy Framework

Our draft cloud strategy framework is an attempt to bring everything together in a way that sets out some boundaries, identifies critical elements, and indicates where we need to be strict vs where we can afford to be a little more relaxed. This should hopefully support more clarity regarding how w…

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RIPE NCC and the Cloud: Let’s Start Again

The community’s reaction to our cloud proposal at RIPE 82 was stronger than we expected. We think it’s worth re-starting this discussion, and the first step is to check that we’ve heard you correctly.

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RIPE Atlas Probes: Delays in Distribution

The good news: RIPE Atlas is growing both in terms of geographical diversity and ASN coverage. What's more, RIPE Atlas is evolving, with a new generation of probe hardware having already passed the test phase and a pilot programme underway to assess the viability of VM anchors. The not so good news…

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Changes to the Processing of RIPE Database Updates

This is a summary of changes that may affect some users submitting updates to the RIPE Database due to the re-development of the RIPE Database software.

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Securing MD5 Hashes in the RIPE Database

In this article we suggest a technical solution to the issue of publicly displaying MD5 password hashes in the RIPE Database.

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LIR Portal Migration: Main Improvements

The LIR Portal is one of the most important communication tools between the RIPE NCC and its members. It has been migrated to a new system without any service interruption or significant changes for the users.

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