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Randy Bush is a Research Fellow and Network Operator at Internet Initiative Japan, Japan's first commercial ISP. He specializes in network measurement especially routing, network security, routing protocols, and IPv6 deployment. He is also a lead designer of the BGP security effort. Randy has been in computing for over 50 years, and has a few decades of Internet operations experience. He was the engineering founder of Verio, which is now NTT/Verio. He has been heavily involved in transferring Internet technologies to developing economies for over 25 years. He was a chair of the IETF WG on the DNS for a decade and served as a member of the IESG, as co-chair of the IETF Operations and Management Area. Randy was the first Chair of the NANOG Steering Committee, a co-founder of AfNOG, on the founding Board of Directors of ARIN, helped start AfriNIC, and has participated in APNIC, RIPE, et alia since each was founded. see

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• On Secure Personal Communication in the Event of Crisis by Matthias Wählisch

nice piece. thanks. a few things: - personally, i much prefer signal - i use pgp email, but it sends a big signal that you may be doing something subversive - if you need to have a secure conversation with a friend, do not use electronic media. whisper in their ear in a noisy, moving, and crowded metro car.

• On What’s the Deal with IPv6 Link-Local Addresses? by Philip Homburg

really nice article. one bit could be made more clear. "IPv6 routers advertise link-local addresses to hosts" could be misread that fe80::1%eth0 will be advertised by some unspecified means, likely ND or even RA, to hosts on the LAN off of eth1 (which likely has its own fe80::1).

• On The RIPE NCC's Use of Zoom for Meetings by Kaveh Ranjbar

As the NSA, PLA, Mossad, GCHQ, ASD, ... are not in my threat model, at least not for RIPE meetings, Zoom is a fine choice. The ease of use is important, and we have no secrets. Luckily, neither of my employers tells me how to run my laptops.

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