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Sanctions, Global Internet Connectivity and Content Delivery Networks

Farzaneh Badiei

Sanctions that affect Internet traffic have been under-discussed for a long time. As a result, it's as yet unclear to what extent sanctions might affect Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and traffic destined for or coming from Russia. In order to help shed some light on the issue, this article takes…

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eIDAS 2.0 - A Risk to the Global Website Security Ecosystem

Owen Bennett

Upcoming EU legislation could undermine years of progress in cybersecurity, and weaken our first line of defence against cybercrime and malicious network interference.

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Implementing Network Time Security at the Hardware Level

Christer Weinigel

Network Time Security (NTS) adds a vital layer of security to Network Time Protocol (NTP) services. Having carried out their software implementation of NTS back in 2019, Netnod has now implemented NTS at the hardware level.

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Internet Network Shutdowns in Russia

Stéphane Bortzmeyer

There have been several calls for Russian Internet networks to be shut down in one way or another and announcements that Russia is going to make such cuts. In this article, Stéphane Bortzmeyer explores the issue from a technical point of view.

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IPv4 Allocations - Is Fairness Still the Goal?

Angela Dall'Ara

Last December, an interesting discussion took place on whether current policies and procedures for the allocation and transfer of IPv4 resources in the RIPE NCC service region are in line with the original policy intent. To lend clarity on the issue, we take a closer look at policies and procedures…

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One Bit to the Left - An IPv6 Success Story

Ewan Mackie

In December 2020, for the second time since we started allocating IPv6, the RIPE NCC granted a request for a subsequent /29 allocation. As moments like this are good indicators of how growth and demand for IPv6 is developing, we reached out to NetCologne GmbH to take a look back and learn more abou…

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PeeringDB’s 2021 User Survey Results and 2022 Product Roadmap

Leo Vegoda

Last September we asked you for input so we could use it to guide our product roadmap for 2022. Last month we shared an update on what we delivered in 2021. Today, we're sharing what you told us through the survey and how we’ll be improving PeeringDB and your experience of it in 2022.

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DNS4EU: RIPE NCC Open House Discussion

Chris Buckridge

On Monday 31 January, the RIPE NCC held an “Open House” community discussion about DNS4EU, the European Commission's recent tender process to establish a European public DNS resolver.

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Dishing up Krill

Tim Bruijnzeels

Making sure that your RPKI Repository is available 24/7 can be a challenge. Krillsync - a tool developed at NLnet Labs specifically to help synchronise RRDP content - is here to help. In this article, find out about challenges in scaling up an RPKI Repository, what prompted Repository operators to …

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DNS Vulnerability, Configuration Errors That Can Cause DDoS

Giovane Moura

Last year we discovered a DNS vulnerability that, combined with a configuration error, can lead to massive DNS traffic surges. Since then, we've studied it carefully, carried out responsible disclosure, helped large operators as Google and Cisco in fixing their services, and submitted an Internet D…

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