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Six on IPv6

Alun Davies

This Sunday marks nine years since the World IPv6 Launch took place, an event coordinated by ISOC. To celebrate, to reminisce, to look back at how we thought and felt about IPv6 over the years, here are six RIPE Labs articles championing adoption, flagging blockers, quashing misconceptions, evaluat…

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Future Internet at Terabit Speeds: SCION in P4

Joeri de Ruiter

As part of the 2STiC programme, we’ve been evaluating and experimenting with future Internet architectures at SIDN Labs. One of these architectures is SCION, which aims to provide a secure, stable, transparent Internet through secure inter-domain routing and path-aware networking. In this article, …

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Of Donkeys, Mules and Horses - Store and Retrieve IP Prefixes Efficiently

Jasper den Hertog

Store and retrieve a full table of IP Prefixes while maintaining hierarchical relations. Jasper den Hertog from NLnet Labs talks about the best data-structure for the job, implemented in Rust.

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RIPE NCC Anti-Abuse Support - What to Do if It Happens to You

Angela Dall'Ara

At the RIPE NCC, we get lots of requests for assistance from people dealing with online abuse. In this article, we clarify how you can use our tools to help resolve abuse issues, but also what you can do when further steps need to be taken.

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SCION - A Novel Internet Architecture

David Hausheer

At RIPE 81, a group of enthusiastic researchers and practitioners from industry and academia discussed with the RIPE community what role RIRs and LIRs could take on in the SCION next-generation Internet architecture. More than 80 BoF participants discussed this question, wanting to learn more about…

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Remote Attestation Enabling Posture Assessment for Automated GRC

Kathleen Moriarty

Attestation…simplified! This post explains how attestation can provide system-level remediation and resiliency. It can be conducted remotely and at scale, ensuring transparency of compliance with industry security controls and benchmarks.

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Understanding the European Resolver Policy

Andrew Campling

The European Resolver Policy is intended to provide reassurance to end-users and other stakeholders that personal data gained in the operation of DNS resolution services will not be misused. In this guest article, Andrew Campling talks about the aims and benefits of the policy.

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Does The Internet Route Around Damage? - Edition 2021

Emile Aben

On 23 March 2021, LINX London experienced an outage. As this is one of the very large Internet Exchange Points, this is an interesting case to study in more depth in order to see what we can learn about Internet robustness.

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RPKI and AS3333 or “How We Eat Our Own Dog Food”

Nathalie Trenaman

Route Origin Validation (ROV) is a mechanism by which route advertisements can be authenticated as originating from an expected autonomous system (AS). With the RIPE NCC all set to perform ROV on AS3333, Nathalie Trenaman talks about why we've held back so far, and why we're now ready to get on wit…

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Trusted Assurance Simplified

Kathleen Moriarty

In the third of this series of guest posts, Kathleen Moriarty talks about the importance of posture assessment - the process of evaluating organisation or system security - and looks at solutions for simplifying that process that could help organisations achieve higher levels of trusted assurance.

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