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Vesna Manojlovic

Vesna Manojlovic is the Senior Community Builder with a focus on measurement tools. She joined the RIPE NCC as a Trainer in 1999. In 2003, she took responsibility for developing and delivering advanced courses, such as RPSL, Routing Registry, DNSSEC and IPv6. In 2008, she lead efforts to establish IPv6 RIPEness as a measure of IPv6 deployment among LIRs. In 2011, she joined the Science Division as Manager of the Measurements Community Building team. Vesna also takes part in and gives presentations at many technical conferences and workshops. Vesna received a BS in Computer Science and Informatics from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She has three children.

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Live Blogging from RightsCon
Live Blogging from RightsCon
Vesna Manojlovic — 28 Mar 2017

In March 2017, the sixth instalment of RightsCon will be happening in Brussels. This large event is one of the places for conversation about how to keep the internet open, free, and secure. RIPE NCC staff will be present, with live-blogging throughout the three day event. Stay tuned! … Read more

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