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Hailing from a research background in philosophy, linguistics and computer science, I came to the RIPE NCC back in 2016 and took on my role as the RIPE Labs Editor in 2020.

Rolling Out the RIPE Atlas Redesign

You may have noticed that, as of this past week, RIPE Atlas is looking different. To explain what's changed and why, here's a quick update on our latest efforts in rolling out the new design we've been working on for our services.

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IGF 2018 Liveblog

The 13th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) runs from 12-14 November 2018 in Paris. The RIPE NCC staff at the event will be liveblogging key moments and session take-aways. Check back on this page for regular updates on the issues, arguments and ideas from RIPE NCC staff and RIPE…

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Outcome of the RIPE Atlas Anchor VMs Pilot

The pilot we ran to assess the feasibility of involving virtual machines in the pool of RIPE Atlas anchors is complete and the results are good.

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The Avans Academy - Top of the Class in IPv6 Usage in the Netherlands

Together with SURFnet we met with Harold van Ham and David Schrok, both active in the IPv6 team at the University of Applied Sciences in Breda and talked to them about the steps they took to deploy IPv6 in their network.

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