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I am the leader of the Research and Development team at the RIPE NCC leading a dedicated team of thinkers to support the RIPE community by providing network research, data analysis and prototype tool development and services including RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat.

Labs is ready to go!

We've been busy last week with the last items on our todo list for the launch of Labs!

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REX - the Resource Explainer

The current version (v0.1) knows only about IPv4 address space. We went for the most difficult part first. ASNs and IPv6 address space will follow (please note the follow-up articles below describing additional functionality about the Resource Explainer).

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Intro to INRDB - the Internet Number Resource Database

INRDB is a non-conventional database hosting many different, number resource related data sets.

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We're going to the Movies!

Let us show you the RIR assigned and allocated IPv4 space, and some indication on how that's routed in the Internet. Get out the popcorn! Satisfaction guaranteed!

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