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I studied Computer Science at the TU Berlin, Germany, and have been a member of the RIPE community for over twenty years. Currently I am serving as the Chair of the RIPE Community.

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EuroDIG 2020 Live Blog

The 12th edition of EuroDIG, the pan-European Internet governance event, is taking place from 10-12 June 2020 online. You can expect sessions on technical and operational issues, security, justice, public empowerment, lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and more. RIPE NCC staff at the event …

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IETF 101 Liveblog

The 101st meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) runs from 17 - 23 March 2018 in London. RIPE NCC staff at the event will be live blogging key moments. See this page for regular updates on the issues, arguments and ideas discussed over the course of the meeting.

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RIPE Atlas Architecture - How We Manage Our Probes

In this article we will give some insights into the overall architecture of the RIPE Atlas network and how we manage secure communication with our probe flock.

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RIPE Atlas Probes as IoT Devices

It's possible to look at RIPE Atlas probes from the perspective of IoT - a key element of the service is the physical devices deployed all over the world. Read on to find some interesting insights from this perspective.

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Diversity Discussions at RIPE 74

This is the first in a series of blog posts on efforts to increase diversity and inclusivity in the RIPE community. The focus of this article is to report on activities before and during the RIPE 74 Meeting in Budapest in May 2017. We also invite you to join the mailing list, and help shape the ne…

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25 Years of the RIPE NCC – The First Hours

March 1992 - NIKHEF Amsterdam - Main Computer Room: "We have connectivity!" Marten called out. "Running the check script." Daniel responded. The two young engineers were intently looking at their screens, totally oblivious to anything around them: the noise of the air-conditioning fans, the bli…

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Ethics of RIPE Atlas Measurements

This article is intended to make RIPE Atlas users aware of ethical issues that could arise when using RIPE Atlas. We do not intend to propose any new formal processes or procedures to address the relevant ethical issues, but we do want to encourage members of the RIPE Atlas community to consider th…

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RIPE NCC Members and Multiple LIR Accounts

The RIPE NCC membership has raised concerns regarding members setting up additional Local Internet Registry (LIR) accounts. The RIPE NCC Executive Board is now asking the RIPE NCC membership to discuss this. The article below provides some background information, data and statistics for the discuss…

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Internet Traffic During the World Cup 2014

The World Cup is one of the most watched events on the planet, and we've been looking at traffic changes at Internet Exchange Points during the matches in Brazil at World Cup 2014. The final part of our analysis is now available, with a look at what happened during the final four matches of the tou…

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