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LPWA: Things in Search of a Network

Marco Hogewoning

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the LPWA IoT Networks Event in Amsterdam, a two-day conference dedicated to the use of low power wide area (LPWA) wireless networks that lie behind many Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that are entering the market.

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The Internet for Things

Mirjam Kühne

Please read this guest post by Byron Ellacott, Senior Software Architect at APNIC: The Internet of Things without the Internet is just things, and we’ve had things since the first caveman used a pointy stick to draw on a wall. What then does the Internet bring to things to justify a capital T?

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Internet Cloud Layers for Economic Incentives for Internet Security

Following up from an earlier article on RIPE Labs, we now present 3 new Internet organizational layers to provide economic incentives to cooperate more on improving Internet security. What is needed is better coordination and motivation through reputational and financial incentives.

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