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Network Operator Groups

Adam Castle — 18 Jul 2017

Map of NOGs in the RIPE NCC service region

Country NOG Country Code Lat Long
Austria ATNOG AT 48.208174 16.373819
Bulgaria NOG.BG BG 42.697708 23.321868


DKNOG DK 55.676097 12.568337
Spain ESNOG ES 40.416775 -3.703790
France FrNOG FR 48.856614 2.352222
Germany DENOG DE 49.872825 8.651193
Greece GRNOG GR 37.983810 23.727539
Italy ITNOG IT 41.902783  12.496366
Ireland iNOG IE 53.349805 -6.260310
Netherlands NLNOG NL 52.370216 4.895168
Norway NONOG NO 59.913869 10.752245
Poland PLNOG PL 52.229676 21.012229
Serbia RSNOG RS 44.786568 20.448922
Romania RONOG RO 44.426767 26.102538
Slovenia SINOG SI 46.056947 14.505751
Sweden SOF SE 59.329323 18.068581
Switzerland SwiNOG CH 46.947974 7.447447
UK UKNOF GB 51.507351 -0.127758
Iran IRNOG IR 35.689197 51.388974
Turkey TRNOG TR 41.008238 28.978359

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How the RIPE NCC Can Help Network Operator Groups

The RIPE NCC provides funding through sponsorship for local NOGs and has sent staff to speak or attend at a wide range of local community events in our service region. We believe that these efforts bring great value for the Internet community, as it helps the community in each country to develop in its own way while at the same time bringing a more regional or global viewpoint that can inform that local community.

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