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Former Web Services Manager at the RIPE NCC, interested in Python, Plone and Pyramids. I've been an open source developer since 2005.

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• Reply to Sabine on A User-Driven Homepage: Coming Soon to a Computer Near You! by Adam Castle

“Thank you for the update on the update! I was wondering if there are more changes envisaged. My number one wish for the website is not just a "share" function for RIPE Labs articles but also a pdf or print button. Preferably both. As part of the cleaner design it might also help to add a few links to the homepage, like linking the "meetings" section header to the actual meetings page. At the moment this is a bit hard to find, given the rather small font size used for the drop-down menu. Maybe that can be increased somewhat :) - Sabine”

Hi Sabine, thank you for your message and your feedback. We currently have no plan to add a print/pdf export feature to RIPE Labs as we've been approving the print.css styles which allows a nicer print view when you print in the browser via the printing commands (cmd + p/ctrl + p). We've just added footer links on the homepage to the meetings section and the service announcement section. I hope that helps you navigate to the content you want to get to quickly.

• Reply to Bengt Gördén on Introducing the RIPE Forum by Marco Schmidt

“I can't see that this got an answer or that it is open sourced. I'd also like this to be open sourced. EDIT: It actually got an answer. Thanks for that Marco. Still, I'd like to see more in-house produced software from NCC published as open sourced.”

Hello Bengt, thanks for your comment, we're looking into removing the RIPE NCC Access implementation of this tool so that we can easily make it open source. We hope to have this done within the next few months. We will announce this once it's complete and online

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