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I'm a system architect/research coordinator at the RIPE NCC, where I work in the science group. I'm a chemist by training, but have been working since 1998 on Internet related things, as a sysadmin, security consultant, web developer and researcher. I am interested in technology changes (like IPv6 deployment), Internet measurement, data analysis, data visualisation, sustainability and security. I'd like to bring research and operations closer together, ie. do research that is operationally relevant. When I'm not working I like to make music (electric guitar, bass and drums), do sports (swimming, (inline) skating, bouldering, soccer), and try to be a good parent.

Plug and Plot: Reusable Visualisations for AS-Hegemony Data

This article presents a set of open-source tools - “reusable visualisations” - that extend the AS hegemony visualisations provided by the Internet Health Report. Users can directly use the online tools or embed the IHR data on their own posts, webpages, or Observable HQ notebooks.

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Detecting DNS Root Manipulation

In 2021, reports emerged that hosts in Mexico were unable to reach It was determined that middleboxes were to blame, intercepting the queries to the root instance hosted in China and sending a bogus reply. This article investigates the prevalence of middleboxes using RIPE Atlas probes.

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What’s the Deal with IPv6 Link-Local Addresses?

...or, how RIPE Atlas measurement data just got a little bit more complex. Some people say IPv6 is "96 more bits, no magic". And while this is true for most network operators, if you're a RIPE Atlas system programmer, you can run into interesting situations. In this article, we described how link-l…

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