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I am the leader of the Research and Development team at the RIPE NCC leading a dedicated team of thinkers to support the RIPE community by providing network research, data analysis and prototype tool development and services including RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat.

The Curious Case of Packets From ::

RIPE Atlas has a large enough footprint all over the world to observe various kinds of network behaviour. Recently we've been notified about a case where the IPv6 source address ::/128 appeared in some of our traceroutes. We set out to discover why this happens.

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Now There's an Idea - Research Pitches from Our R&D Team

One of the tasks of the R&D team here at the RIPE NCC is to come up with, evaluate, and execute new ideas for research topics and tools that can be of good use to the community. In this article, we're starting an experiment to expose some of these ideas to the community, in order to find interested…

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Ethics of RIPE Atlas Measurements

This article is intended to make RIPE Atlas users aware of ethical issues that could arise when using RIPE Atlas. We do not intend to propose any new formal processes or procedures to address the relevant ethical issues, but we do want to encourage members of the RIPE Atlas community to consider th…

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