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Emile Aben

Location: Amsterdam, NL

I'm a system architect at the RIPE NCC, where I work in the science group. I'm a chemist by training, but have been working since 1998 on Internet related things, as a sysadmin, security consultant, web developer and researcher. I am interested in technology changes (like IPv6 deployment), Internet measurement, data analysis, data visualization and security. When I'm not working I like to play electric guitar and run in circles, while listening to music.

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A Tale of BGP Collectors and Customer Cones
Emile Aben — 05 Oct 2015

When operators and researchers use data from BGP route collectors such as RIS and Route Views, it's not easy to tell if a path announced to a collector is an ISP's customer cone, an internal route, or one learned from peering or transit. In this post we look at what information we can currently get from BGP communities in RIS.

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