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I'm a system architect/research coordinator at the RIPE NCC, where I work in the science group. I'm a chemist by training, but have been working since 1998 on Internet related things, as a sysadmin, security consultant, web developer and researcher. I am interested in technology changes (like IPv6 deployment), Internet measurement, data analysis, data visualisation, sustainability and security. I'd like to bring research and operations closer together, ie. do research that is operationally relevant. When I'm not working I like to make music (electric guitar, bass and drums), do sports (swimming, (inline) skating, bouldering, soccer), and try to be a good parent.

The Kazakhstan Outage - As Seen from RIPE Atlas

Starting at approximately 11:15 UTC on 5 January, we noticed what appeared to be a large scale Internet outage in Kazakhstan. We've been tracking the outage in RIPE Atlas since.

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Latency Into Your Network - As Seen From RIPE Atlas

We created a data aggregate we call 'minRTT' that gives the minimum latency into each ASN (and IXP!) from RIPE Atlas for a given day. This allows us to visualise network deployments and can help with insights into structural latency problems for a network. We build a few visualisations on top of th…

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Does The Internet Route Around Damage? - Edition 2021

On 23 March 2021, LINX London experienced an outage. As this is one of the very large Internet Exchange Points, this is an interesting case to study in more depth in order to see what we can learn about Internet robustness.

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Tracking RPKI Repository Performance with a RIPE Atlas Measurement Bundle

In this post we introduce a wiki to document RIPE Atlas measurements better. We use the measurements we created to track RPKI Repository Performance to show how this is useful.

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Route Collection at the RIPE NCC - Where are we and where should we go?

Over the past months we've been looking at our Routing Information Service (RIS) and thinking about how to make it best fit for purpose. Ahead of our upcoming RIPE NCC Open House on RIS, this post raises a set of open questions to our community aimed at starting a conversation about how we can keep…

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Internet Stability in Times of Corona

In this article we're sharing observations we made in the RIPE Routing Information System (RIS), our Internet data plane observatory.

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The Debogonisation of 2a10::/12

We are getting ready to start allocating from 2a10::/12, a new block of IPv6 addresses. In this process we did a couple of 'pre-flight' checks to check the usability of address space in this /12 block.

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Impressions from the Internet Measurement Conference 2019

This year's Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) was held in Amsterdam from 21-23 October. In this article we highlight some of the presented work that we think is interesting and that the RIPE community might find useful.

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How Diverse is RIS?

Is the current set of the RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS) peers providing a good level of diverse data? Let's look at some measurement results.

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768k Day. Will it Happen? Did it Happen?

Will there be a 768k day similar to the 512k day we saw a few years ago? See here what we can see in the RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS).

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