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I am the leader of the Research and Development team at the RIPE NCC leading a dedicated team of thinkers to support the RIPE community by providing network research, data analysis and prototype tool development and services including RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat.

Measuring World IPv6 Launch - Comparing IPv4 and IPv6 Performance

Following on from last year's during World IPv6 Day, we again looked at relative performance of IPv4 and IPv6 from the measurements we conducted. In this article we describe the methodology and the show the results of these measurements.

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Measuring World IPv6 Launch Participants From All Over The World

Similar to last years World IPv6 Day, this year, the RIPE NCC is measuring selected World IPv6 Launch participants from over 50 vantage points all over the world. We're measuring DNS, ping, traceroute and HTTP and show results at .

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