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I wrote the articles collected here during my time as community builder of the RIPE NCC and the maintainer and editor of RIPE Labs. I have since taken on a new role serving as the Chair of the RIPE Community. You can reach my new profile via the website link below.

• Reply to Kurt Kayser on Visibility of Prefix Lengths in IPv4 and IPv6 by Devin Bayer

“Hello, I wonder if this whole Report would look different today compared to 8 years ago. Maybe there are serious changes in the meantime which would lead to very different results. Regards, Kurt”

Hi Kurt, We are currently working on an updated version. We will announce it as soon as it is ready. Good to hear that there is interest :-) .

• Reply to Rodrigo on Routing Information Service (RIS) Raw Dataset by Erik Romijn

“How many ASes are connected to RRs? Thanks.”

Hi Rodrigo, you can find all the RIS peers at:

• Reply to Shahrooz on iPlane traceroute Dataset by Harsha V. Madhyastha

“I need to use iPlane data set to measure the latency between different ASes on the Internet. Can you please let me know how can I download it? I have created my account but then the download link is not working, it is redirecting the same page again. Best”

Dear Shahrooz, you need to click the "Tems and Conditions". Otherwise you won't be able to see the data sets. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

• Reply to Suliman on IPv6 RIPEness: How to Reach the Stars by Vesna Manojlovic

“please help me! How do I know my AS Number.? Thanks.”

Hi Suliman, if you go to you will find "your network" listed under the query field (IP address and AS number).

• Reply to Stéphane Bortzmeyer on ARTEMIS: Neutralising BGP Hijacking Within a Minute by Vasileios Kotronis

“The link "real-time streaming capabilities" goes to a 404. I suspect the correct target is”

Thanks for spotting this, Stéphane. The link is fixed now.

• Reply to Eireann Leverett on Honeypot-based Monitoring of Amplification DDoS Attacks by Johannes Krupp

“Wonderful work, and thank you very kindly for the graphs. They are exactly what I was looking for. I saw this the day it came out on the blog and have cited it in presentations at least twice already, and will no doubt continue to do so for quite a while. Is this part of a wider publication, or should I keep directing people to this blog post?”

Hi Eireann, many thanks for the feedback. I am happy to hear the information was useful (that's what I was hoping for when I saw Johannes's presentation at the recent TF-CSIRT meeting). The report is part of a wider project ( ), but for now it might be best to refer back to this blog post as the project is still ongoing.

• Reply to Yuying Chen on iPlane traceroute Dataset by Harsha V. Madhyastha

“Hi, I don't know why I can't find the download links. I click download link under the Data Access and the page turns to I login in and have 2 factor authentication and accept the condition of dataset subscribe and nothing changes. Thank you for your help very much.”

Dear Yuying Chen, This has been resolved. I hope you can access the data now. Sorry for this inconvenience.

• Reply to Eugene on How We're Implementing the GDPR: The RIPE Database by Athina Fragkouli

“hi, I want to ask and for PI address will be able to break cheovek in Russia?”

Dear Eugene, we are not quite sure what you mean. Can you please clarify.

• Reply to Daniel Rösen on NOGs in the RIPE NCC Service Region by Fergal Cunningham

“DENOG was founded way earlier than 2009. I have created the DENOG mailing list in July 2001, and the IRCnet channel #DENOG even preceded that, I think it was 1999 or 2000. Only the meeting gatherings have started much later in 2009. For the sake of this article, assume 2001 as founding year I'd say. :-) Best regards, Daniel (co-founder DENOG)”

Hi Daniel, thanks for clarifying. I changed the date in the table.

• Reply to Daniel Karrenberg on IGF 2017 Liveblog by Chris Buckridge

“Who is Vint Cert? ;-)”

Oops... fixed :-)

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