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I wrote the articles collected here during my time as community builder of the RIPE NCC and the maintainer and editor of RIPE Labs. I have since taken on a new role serving as the Chair of the RIPE Community. You can reach my new profile via the website link below.

• Reply to John Fitzgerald on Propagation of Longer-than-/24 IPv4 Prefixes by Emile Aben

“Hi Mirjam, have you got any updates by now?”

Hi John, we have published a couple of updates in the meantime. Please see: and

• Reply to AlisonW on Detecting Network Outages with RIPE Atlas by Anant Shah

“I believe the caption for fig 2 should actually read "Figure 2: Amsterdam power outage on 17 January 2017", not 2014.”

Hi Alison, thanks for pointing this out. You are right. We corrected it in the article.

• Reply to Longwei Tian on About the RIPE Data Repository by Emile Aben

“I wish to use the dataset of NLANR for my thesis, about analyzing the flow pattern. Would you email me the download link address at Thank you so much.”

Dear Longwei Tian, Many thanks for your interest in the dataset. Please see the description above. Under Data Users, it is explained how you can access the data. You need to create a RIPE NCC Access account and accept the Terms and Conditions. Please let us know if you have any problems.

• Reply to Donal O Duibhir on Experiences from NLNOG Day 2017 by Vesna Manojlovic

“Hiya, great write up...! Feel free to delete this comment once read, but just wondering if you'd consider linking the word "iNOG" in the blogpost to so people can potentially find us to get involved in either day to day, events, or a prospective hackathon as mentioned :) Thanks a mil, Donal @inognet”

Of course. Good idea. Thanks, Donal.

• Reply to David Růžička on Troubleshooting RIPE Atlas Probes: USB Sticks by Philip Homburg

“Hi, my probe #19242 is disconnected to day, after "usb stick dancing" still say disconnected, in SOS messages are this message: BADMD-APP-4780-d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e What's wrong? Thank you David”

Dear David, we will create a support ticket for you and will get back to you by email.

• Reply to Jordi Palet Martinez on Simplifying IPv6 Addressing for Customers - Part 1 by Jordi Palet Martinez

“You're right the right text should be: Let’s suppose a customer provisioned in the first stage with the prefix 2001:db8:1111::/48. Their devices are using, for our example, the first free /64 (2001:db8:1111:1::/64). Everything is fine until there is a power outage. The CPE boots up again when power is recovered, and because the ISP is using a non-persistent prefix, a new prefix is assigned (2001:db8:2222::/48), so now the CPE is announcing 2001:db8:2222:1::/64. However, the devices that have battery (laptops, tablets, smartphones) still have the previous prefix, so now they have two different prefixes (2001:db8:1111:1::/64 and 2001:db8:2222:1::/64). These devices will try to keep using the older one, and they will not work, as the ISP is no longer routing the first prefix to that customer. Just think: if another network failure or power outage were to happen now. Devices could then have three or even more prefixes. And the user will end up calling the ISP help-desk for troubleshooting because the network is not working. Regarding privacy, at the end the best way someone willing to track you has is apps fingerprinting and correlating data, not just addresses. Because the "tracker" can not be sure that it is the same "person" even if the address is the same, it may be several users in the same computer, it may be different computers using the same address at different times, etc.”

This has been replaced in the original text in order to avoid confusion.

• Reply to Marten Terpstra on 25 Years of the RIPE NCC – The First Hours by Daniel Karrenberg

“Have to love those early days. RIPE and the RIPE NCC have made a very significant impact on what now seems so normal and common... Wish all of you (us?) a happy 25th birthday!”

Hi Marten, nice to hear from you. Wish you would be here with us to celebrate!

• Reply to Raymond on IPv6 RIPEness: How to Reach the Stars by Vesna Manojlovic

“Hello, Thanks for this informative article. One question: Why does the route6 object explanation contains a v4 example (in the screenshot)? Best regards.”

Hi Raymond, Very good point. We included a different example now. And sorry for the delay - this totally slipped my mind.

• Reply to Sagnik Das on iPlane traceroute Dataset by Harsha V. Madhyastha

“Was using wget --user=****** --password=****** downloads ~58kb tar file whereas the file is 836M. Am I doing something wrong?”

Dear Sagnik, it is not possible to use wget with username and password. You need to log in to RIPE NCC Access which will set a cookie, then save the cookie in a file and tell wget to use it. I hope this helpw.

• On What Can You Do with One Million RIPE Atlas Credits? by Vesna Manojlovic

Someone posted a comment here yesterday asking: "Do you have a list of worthwhile testers who might put my surplus credits to good use?" Unfortunately I accidentally deleted this comment so I am re-posting it.

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