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Alun Davies

Alun Davies started working as Communications Writer for RIPE NCC in 2016.

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RIPE Atlas Software Probes
RIPE Atlas Software Probes
Alun Davies — 12 Feb 2020

RIPE Atlas probes are now available as software, offering future hosts a new way to help build the RIPE Atlas network. While not a replacement for their hardware counterparts, software probes will improve coverage by bringing RIPE Atlas to new and previously hard-to-reach places.… Read more

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RIS Live
RIS Live
Alun Davies — 30 Aug 2019

RIS Live is a feed that offers BGP messages in real-time. It collects information from the RIS Route Collectors (RRCs) and uses a WebSocket JSON API to monitor and detect routing events around the world. A non-interactive full stream ("firehose") is also available.… Read more

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