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Alun Davies

Alun Davies is the RIPE Labs Editor.

Pages created by Alun Davies

Announcing RIPE Atlas VM Anchors
Announcing RIPE Atlas VM Anchors
Alun Davies — 08 Nov 2018

After a successful pilot project and a period spent gathering feedback from the community, RIPE Atlas Virtual Machine (VM) anchors are a go. Anyone out there who wishes to host a virtual RIPE Atlas anchor can do so starting today. Here's everything you need to know to get started. … Read more

RIPE Atlas Probes: Delays in Distribution
Alun Davies — 29 Mar 2018

The good news: RIPE Atlas is growing both in terms of geographical diversity and ASN coverage. What's more, RIPE Atlas is evolving, with a new generation of probe hardware having already passed the test phase and a pilot programme underway to assess the viability of VM anchors. The not so good news: With RIPE Atlas so much in demand, and with our current provider having ceased manufacturing of the probe hardware, we've had to dramatically reduce the number of probes we're distributing.… Read more

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