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Mirjam Kühne

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I am the maintainer and community builder of RIPE Labs. I've been working in the Internet community for over 20 years. During those years I was involved in various aspects from technology and standards to Internet governance. When I'm not busy encouraging people to join RIPE Labs, I enjoy riding my motorcycle.

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Tribute to Dr. Robert  Blokzijl 1943 - 2015
Tribute to Dr. Robert Blokzijl 1943 - 2015
Mirjam Kühne — Dec 02, 2015 10:55 AM

Dr. Robert Blokzijl, RIPE Chair Emeritus and founding member of the RIPE community, died aged 72 on 1 December 2015. If you would like to leave a message of condolence or your own memory of Rob, please post it at the end of this page and we will pass it on to his family.

IPv6 on the March
IPv6 on the March
Mirjam Kühne — Sep 25, 2015 12:05 PM

Tony Smith from APNIC is looking at the increase in IPv6 deployment now ARIN depleted their free pool of IPv4 addresses.

The DNS Root Zone Key-Signing Key is Changing
The DNS Root Zone Key-Signing Key is Changing
Mirjam Kühne — May 27, 2015 03:55 PM

Tony Smith from the APNIC gives an update on the DNS Root Zone Key-Signing and explains how the key-signing-key roll over will be done for the first time.

Usage of Teredo and IPv6 for P2P on Windows 10 and Xbox One
Mirjam Kühne — May 22, 2015 01:49 PM

Please find below a guest post by Darrin Veit and Christopher Palmer who originally posted this to the NANOG mailing list. It provides information for Xbox One, but also shares some relevant details on upcoming Windows functionality in terms of Teredo and IPv6 usage.

How Does the MENOG Region Measure Up?
How Does the MENOG Region Measure Up?
Mirjam Kühne — Mar 31, 2015 08:25 PM

With the MENOG 15 meeting taking place this week, we look at Internet measurements and statistics for countries in the MENOG region.

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