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Hailing from a research background in philosophy, linguistics and computer science, I came to the RIPE NCC back in 2016 and took on my role as the RIPE Labs Editor in 2020.

RIPE - Coordination in the Space Between the Networks

At start of the 90s, a small group of people came together to make sure that the numbering system that allows computers to connect with each other over the Internet would remain stable. One those people was Mirjam Kühne, now RIPE Chair. In this episode, Mirjam talks about the beginnings of the RIPE…

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Revealing Bias in Internet Measurements

Internet measurement platforms give us a clearer understanding of the state of the Internet. But none of these platforms gives us a ‘view from everywhere’, so that understanding will always be based on a partial and potentially biased view of things. In this episode, Pavlos Sermpezis talks about th…

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RIPE Atlas: A Distributed View of the Internet

Twelve years ago the RIPE NCC set out to build the largest Internet measurement network ever made. Today, RIPE Atlas provides users with an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time. In this episode, I catch up with Robert Kisteleki to talk about how RIPE Atlas developed…

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Keep Ukraine Connected

The Global NOG Alliance is actively working to help keep the Ukrainian Internet connected. On 13 April, they delivered their first shipment of vital hardware into the country. I caught up with the team to talk about how the first delivery went, how this got started, and what's coming next.

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Measuring Damage on the Internet

In the first episode of the RIPE Labs podcast, Emile Aben shares his views on the importance of efforts to keep the Internet 'lit' by turning data from such sources as RIPE Atlas and RIPE RIS into visualisations that can help network operators understand what's going on when parts of the Internet g…

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