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>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<< Ample information about his past sins can be found using your favourite search engine. Following are a few additional keywords you might use, arranged by decade: 1980s: GUUG EUUG EUnet unido mcvax cwi RARE iepg RIPE; 1990s: RIPE+NCC rir iana postel terena ebone centr; 2000s: dnsmon nsd ris internet+society rssac; 2010s: ripe+labs ripestat ripe+atlas

• Reply to Job Snijders on RIPE 80: Setting up a Zoom Alternative with AWS by Oliver Payne

“I think it’s a must-have to support presenters and chairs using open standards to stream their content. An open internet is not governed through propriety interfaces.”

Definitely! Any pointers to an open standard solution with similar or even acceptable performance? I am sure the RIPE NCC meeting team is all ears.

• On RIPE 80: Setting up a Zoom Alternative with AWS by Oliver Payne

Great work. Thanks for sharing including what went wrong! It is really good to hear that we can deliver a stream with <10s delay. I am just curious how much AWS cost per viewer per day. A very rough estimate is fine.

• On 25 Years of the RIPE NCC – The First Hours by Daniel Karrenberg

Haris, I do not recall meeting you but that means very little. This was a period of many many things happening at the same time. I have helped many ccTLDs in the late 80s and early 90s. I'll get in touch privately and we will figure it out.

• Reply to Jaap Akkerhuis on Volunteer for the RIPE Nominating Committee: In Conversation with Daniel Karrenberg by Elena Signorelli

“Looks like I'm missing the requirements for attending enough ripe meetings lately. That rule does hampers the diversity requirements.”

Hoi Jaap, Yes that can be frustrating. However it is one of those rules that we should not change for pragmatic reasons while the process is running. Any eligibility criterum will reduce diversity somehow. I have had a couple of similar comments privately from people I would consider an asset to the NomCom. The ' three out of five meetings' criterium is based on research described in appendix M of ripe-728. It is a good idea to discuss this as part of the community evaluation of this first NomCom process. I plan to point this out in the NomCom report.

• Reply to Wolfgang Zenker on Volunteer for the RIPE Nominating Committee: In Conversation with Daniel Karrenberg by Elena Signorelli

“Hello, my name appears to be missing in the list together with the number 11, probably a cut-and-paste mistake (last line missing in the list). Greetings, Wolfgang”

Hello Wolfgang, indeed your name is missing. My mistake! Apologies. We have also gained one more volunteer since Friday. Here is the current list: 07 Alexander Isavnin Internet Protection Society 19 Andreas Wkittkemper Verizon Deutschland GmbH 10 Antonio Prado SBTAP 27 Arnold Nipper DE-CIX Management GmbH 16 Benno Overeinder NLnet Labs 11 Brian Nisbet HEAnet 03 Cosmin Octavian Lupu Visma 18 Dmitry Burkov RU-CENTER 09 Dmitry Kohmanyuk Hostmaster.UA 08 Frederic Jaeckel GitHub, Inc. 26 Geoff Huston APNIC 25 Gert Döring SpaceNet AG 24 Hervé Clément Orange SA 22 Jim Reid RTFM llp 23 Joe Abley Public Interest Registry 06 Keith Mitchell DNS-OARC 15 Marcus Stoegbauer Megaport / ECIX 04 Markus de Brün BSI 30 Martin Winter Network Device Education Foundation (Net 07 Massimo Candela NTT 14 Mircea Ulinic DigitalOcean 02 Nathalie Trenaman RIPE NCC 01 Nurani Nimpuno Asteroid International 21 Ondřej Caletka CESNET 13 Pascal Gloor Quickline AG 20 Paul Hoogsteder Meanie 28 Randy Bush Arrcus Inc & IIJ & RGnet 31 Robert Evans Jisc 32 Sander Steffann Global NOG Alliance 29 Stefan Wahl Megaport / ECIX 05 Tina Morris Amazon 33 Wolfgang Tremmel DE-CIX Management GmbH 12 Wolfgang Zenker GmbH

• On Our Approach to the Cloud by Kaveh Ranjbar

Good point. I wonder whether other readers have experiences with shells around cloud services that provide some degree of provider independence?

• On Accountability and Trust as a Membership Organisation by Axel Pawlik

Our region is in no way special in this regard. ARIN for instance is experiencing much the same. It won't be long before RIPE NCC staff will be called to give evidence in some criminal court somewhere. We better be ready!

• On Outcome of the RIPE Atlas Anchor VMs Pilot by Robert Kisteleki

Thank you for this report. I have a couple of questions: Have you tested the impact of VM performance on measurements? In particular have you implemented performance reporting that would allow us to detect if measurements are impacted by VM performance problems? Are there draft requirements for anchor VMs and do they consider VM performance? As you mention scaling the back-end and support infrastructure may become a problem if the investment of the host becomes very low. Have you considered asking the hosts of VM anchors to contribute to these costs? Daniel

• On IGF 2017 Liveblog by Chris Buckridge

Who is Vint Cert? ;-)

• Reply to Marten Terpstra on 25 Years of the RIPE NCC – The First Hours by Daniel Karrenberg

“Have to love those early days. RIPE and the RIPE NCC have made a very significant impact on what now seems so normal and common... Wish all of you (us?) a happy 25th birthday!”

Hey Marten, I hoped you'd give a sign of life. Great to hear from you. Drop me a private line. Mail address unchanged. Tot horens .....

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